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Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Cloud (C4)

Welcome to the C4 powered by AI

Imagine a Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Cloud accessible to everyone, regardless of their zip code or geography

 Welcome to the future! The  C4 represents the world's premier comprehensive cancer center in the cloud designed as a leading platform for collaboration providing access to world-class care, research and education for all with vision to eliminate cancer health disparities . Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced information and communication technologies (ICT)  the C4 mission is to overcome geographic/distance barriers to collaboration and access to the same quality comprehensive core services available at the world's best institutions. This builds on preliminary work done by collaborating faculty at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Oxford University, and other world-leading institutions.


With funding support from the U.S. National Cancer Institute  (R25 CA288263)  the C4  serves as the virtual collaboration platform for CaREER, a program building the capacity of next generation oncology health professionals for transforming cancer care, sustainability and global impact. Given the global participation and collaborations involved with the C4, the content expressed on this website does not reflect the views of any institution or those providing funding such as the National Cancer Institute. The C4 has 4 CORE (Care, Outreach, Research and Education) complementary apps designed to provide core services similar to those at world-leading comprehensive cancer centers. 

Video Consultation


Increase access to care powered by AI


Outreach for engagement/collaboration, and CaREER workshops during the Global Health Catalyst summits

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Co-mentored research collaborations, multi-center clinical trials, implementation research, and core facilities: data analysis core, AI core, implementation science and dissemination core, clinical trials core, etc


CaREER and complementary Continuous Education programs  in synergy with the Global Oncology University

Key voices at the Global Health Catalyst summits supporting C4 Outreach, CaREER program workshops, community engagement and dissemination

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